Possible firefight between AMERICAN and Russian SUBMARINE leaving one TORPEDOED AND SUNK OFF ALASKA COAST.

Multiple sources reported on social media last night that a firefight broke out during a NATO military drill.

I got info on Facebook from a friend who is a good source for information on a regular basis and I wanted to wait for more information before posting anything to this website. Here’s my initial post on Facebook text Screenshot_20190703-043624


MAJOR UPDATE hey guys looks like some really crazy stuff is happening right now as we speak or as you reading this will keep you updated. I can’t find anything on Google about it but I’m getting information from sources close to what’s happening. 

“According to Israeli intel sources, Russia has just responded by torpedo and sinking a U.S. sub off the coast of Alaska. Stewart Waterhouse

Also now appears that Trump was secreted away from the White House to unconfirmed location.”

Next section copied from:


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