Trump Patriot arrested and charged for January 6th Capital invasion!

Click to view video :

Emergency phone blitz for political prisoner Pete Harding ! Arrested by the FBI in Buffalo WITHOUT BEING CHARGED WITH ANY CRIME , Pete is reportedly being moved to the Batavia Detention federal facility in Batavia NY, Genesee County . This facility is an immigration detention center and Pete is not safe there . Please call 585-344-6500 and follow the instructions to leave a message for an inmate . Ask for a return call and inquire : how is his physical condition , any injuries ? What are the charges and who is the victim ? Be polite and professional , we do not want to damage Pete’s standing as an honorable man and good friend . Also call the federal courthouse in Buffalo to find out when his court appearance is taking place : 716-551-1700 Please try to add some money to Petes phone account so he can talk to his lawyers & friends . Ask how to add funds when you call the jail . We are attempting to leave lots of messages tonight , fill up their voicemailbox , and then follow-up calls tomorrow . Help to ‘Free Pete Harding’ Please post & fwd this everywhere . Thank you !

FWD: FWD: Pete is being released ! He is required to have electronic monitoring , but least he is going home . Thanks to everyone who is supporting Pete , the charges are misdemeanors , the federal version of trespassing & doing damage to government property . His next appearance is Tuesday at 1 pm .

FWD: It appears they cannot prove he actually did damage , nor can they prove he unlawfully remained . I think its all meant to scare other patriots and its not working . Its waking people up and causing them to lose all confidence in government . Since when is a battering ram used to break down a door at 5 am for a misdemeanor ?

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