Enemy of the State Political prisoner Rexton Lotus Justice being tortured.

A reminder of what is happening to Lotus Justice, MONICA G JUSTICE at the “Franklin County Correctional Center ll” in Columbus Ohio.

Most recently, the sheriff placed a tranny, A MAN, in with the woman and the MAN punched Lotus in the face and she had to go to the hospital and ended up with a dislocated retina.

Lotus has been in jail for 22 months with NO TRIAL date and this is after the sheriff’s busted in her door with NO WARRANT in an attempt to kill her!

You can listen and read what the mainstream news has to tell you, which is the sheriff’s side of the story, or you can check out her website which has more than just words!

Ladies and gentleman, this could be happening to you tomorrow or to your child. Pay close attention!

Lotus has been targeted for exposing child trafficking in Ohio and for exposing the corruption of public officials.


I’d suggest everyone pay attention to the truth and not to the news. Pay attention to documents and not to just words. Pay attention to what’s happening to our friends, family and neighbors and not to what the gov wants you to believe.

Remember, according to them, we should’ve been near dead without the face-diapers and according to them, it’s normal to have men competing with women in sports and according to them, small children should be inserted with needles that contain experimental drugs and you should be thankful, or else you’re a conspiracy theorist 🙄

You can all go back to sharing photos of your vacations, your cats and your funny tiktok videos. Sorry to put a damper on your day!



Also, take a look at the judges oath of office. Judge Young seems to have a bogus oath wouldn’t you say? From what I hear, the OH Supreme Court is OK with that.

Do those signatures look forged to you? Hmmmmm 🧐

Does anyone see a seal of office as required by ORC 3.24?

It appears that judge Young’s oath was NOT submitted to the Ohio Supreme Court as required by ORC 3.23. either was it file stamped or recorded with the Clerk properly 🤔 but this is the case with many judges here in Ohio.

So does that mean that judges are above the law? While you and I are stopped for going a couple miles over the speed limit according to their ORC and ticketed, harassed and possibly jailed for such a “criminal activity”

Check out Tony Viola’s site while you’re at it and you’ll find that prosecutors can commit crimes against you as well and have you thrown in jail for 10 years and when you finally free yourself with evidence provided to you from a worker at the prosecutors office, that workers suddenly ends up dead, no one investigates her death and no one investigates the prosecutorial misconduct which put an innocent man behind bars for 10 years! 😳

But that’s OK because they’re public servants and they’re above the law and you’re too busy with work and all that to care about the crimes committed to innocent children and innocent people … and because it doesn’t affect you … YET!


Of course also, they wouldn’t dare investigate the Kidnapping of an innocent child either … not if an Ohio judge was involved in running the Kidnapping behind closed doors to make it appear to be a lawful custody order.

And there will be no investigation of the kidnapping of a child if the kidnapper was the brother of the Ohio State Special Prosecutor. Because they too are above the law!


#SaveLilly #OhioGate

It’s a sick world we live in and unless we start caring about matters such as the ones stated above, it’s just going to get worse. Soon it will be you or a family member suffering these same injustices.

Pray for Ohio! Pray for eachother! Pray for this country!!!

God Help Us All 🙏

Listen to the latest interview with Rexton Lotus Justice https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/interview-with-political-prisoner-rexton-lotus-justice/id1565448921?i=1000552635724

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