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Will the death of Travon Martin spark a Race War in America 13,514
‘The Marines are Coming to PROTECT the Protestors of Occupy Wall Street 9,056
Will the death of Travon Martin spark a Race War in America 6,655
Home page / Archives 4,659
White Kansas City Teen Set on Fire by two African Americans can you say Hate Crime? 2,462
Guillotine Death by Noahide Laws PASSED BY CONGRESS-1991 2,334
Government Cover-Up of Tics and Tourettes-Like Symptoms at LeRoy, N.Y., High School! 1,536
FOX News Banned for Manufacturing False News in Canada? Also False? You decide! 1,477
Hunger Games the Movie is a DESPICABLE tale of Antichrist NWO Worlds Future 1,405
Was Andrew Breitbart, an US conservative author and activist Murdered? 1,334
Tics Strikes Students Thimerosal in Vaccines causes Tourette-like illness at Leroy High School in NY 1,257
Fairy Tales DO Come True! 706
#52 (deleted) 572
Did Bill Ayers Poison Andrew Breitbart? Do we have Probable Cause for Murder? 543
Anonymous Sounds Like the Pentagon/CIA Covert Ops, CIA is using the name ANONYMOUS to discredit them. a.k.a. “Legion” (Demon) 458
Is a giant, cloaked spaceship orbiting around Mercury? See What everyone is talking about! 444
Mark of the Beast 666 Micro chipping of all the American People if the Health Care passes it will be mandatory by March 13 2012! 412
A Mother’s Plea for Help 338
A Biblical City Of Giants,Nephilims Found Off Georgia Coast 337
Erin Brockovich Team to Test Ground Samples at Leroy High School Ground…BUT Will They Dismiss Poison in the Vaccines? 335
CIA Operated Aerial Spraying Plane Carrying “Mutated” Virus Shot Down in China 333
Organic Farming Co-Operative 298
Disclosure Imminent? Two Underground NWO Bases Destroyed 283
Mission 209
Misdiagnosed Unjustly Accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) or Vaccine-Induced Encephalitis? 205
All About The Movie Prometheus The Good, The Bad, The Ugly! 202
TOTAL NEWS MEDIA BLACKOUT ON NDAA Bill of Rights Day Rally Against the National Defense Authorization Act 199
Dyncorp, Halliburton and CPS Child Sex Slave Scandal 187
Daniel Marvin: A Courageous American Hero for Telling the Truth! 177
#117 (deleted) 165
War Psyop about KONY 2012 is a deception a Lie for African Invasion 165
Please suport Tyler Winhaber in court against Satanic ritual abuse by an Illuminati pedophile ring! 155
Facebook Big Brother has blocked Patriot link for being spammy or unsafe: 153
Anti New World Order Party Endorses Jack Davis for Congress 148
American Hero Indiana Governor Signs Bill Allowing Citizens To Use Deadly Force Against Police Officers Into Law 139
Letter to Jerome Grasso, Legislative Associate at N.Y. State Senate: 12 LeRoy Girls Affected by Tics and Tourettes-Like Symptoms! 137
Aborted Human Fetal Cells in Your Food, Vaccines & Cosmetics Soylent Green is People!! 136
The Communist Chinese Government Purchases US State Idaho and Buying Up Economic Assets And Huge Tracts Of Land All Over The United States 130
Could the LeRoy 12 Mystery Epidemic Be Sensationalized by the N.Y. Media? 130
Under ,MK ULTRA Illuminati Mind Control One Mans Story! 126
100% Free Website for Anti New World Order Singles for dating like minded people! 118
7. Online Store ↓ 118
Massive Train Accident in NW Indiana 115
American Coup d’état Crossing the Rubicon The Point Of No Return 115
Travis Schooley For Congress 2012 110
1. About Us↓ 106
FOX News Fires Judge Napolitano! 103
Courtroom Observation Network 102
Upstate NY Public School Bans Use Of The Word FREEDOM 102
WND : Rep. Walter B. Jones (R-NC) Issues HR 107, Obama Impeachment Bill Now In Congress 100
UFO Sighting in Rochester, NY 98
‘Red Tails’ movie about airmen showing at the White House 97
Its a done deal! United States dollar No Longer world reserve currency! 97
Could Swedens 200 ft wide entrance be the bottomless pit that opens up in Hell from Revelation chapter 9 of the Bible? 97
An Online Petition Justice For Tyler Winhaber for coming forward and disclosing child ritual abuse! 97
Singles ❤ Dating 97
LG/Verizon’s In-Your-Face Illuminati “Mixed Media” Picture 94
4. Anti NWO Party in the News 93
Prozac Boasts 1,100 Deaths and 23,000 Casualties 92
Mark Dice Schools, Grills The Daily Caller’s Michelle Fields at Bilderberg 2012 88
Events Calendar 86
Occupy Anti New World Order Global Movement 82
You can stop Internet Censorship “SOPA” or “PIPA ” if you Vote for Anti New World Order Party 2012 82
#1785 (untitled) 81
Upstate NY Public School Bans Use Of The Word FREEDOM 80
Be ready for the Bank Run of 2012 Global Financial Meltdown 78
JP Morgan recently donated $4.6 Million and Funded NYPD Mass Arrests Over 700 Peaceful Occupy Wall Street Protesters 74
I Am George Zimmerman 74
Report of Gunman on RIT Campus Zombie VS Humans? 74
TO BE OR NOT TO BE a Freemason, that is the Question? Ron Paul 72
Absolutely know the the Truth about the Shroud of Turin 72
Nuclear Armageddon – Solar Flares and E.M.P. – on the Horizon 71
Freemasons target people that are informed about their treasonous activities! 71
Comet Elenin 71
Absolutely Awesome Ron Paul First GOP Candidate to Appear on Ballot in All 50 States 70
6. “Connect with US” 70
Outdoor tools Survival Fire Magnesium Steel Starter Striker Flint Rod green 68
Pentagon Launches Desperate Damage Control Over Shocking Panetta Testimony 68
Occupy Wall Street Protesters Call For Totalitarian Government, Re-Election Of Obama 65
Open letter to Rachel Barnhart! Corporate Censorship Is News Worthy! 62
THE TRUTH ABOUT THE ARAB REVOLUTIONS’s – We Still Struggle Against Imperialism And We Will Never Give Up “JOIN US YOU’RE WELCOME” (SHARE IT / THANK YOU) 60
5. Patriot Links↓ 60
Forbidden Knowledge – History of the Khazar Empire [Lecture by Jack Otto] 60
Florida Judge, Red Light Cameras Unconstitutional 59
Tim Hortons Censors the Anti New World Order Party as “Violent”; FREE SPEECH GONE! 59
Don’t Trash the American Flag! How to Retire a U.S. Flag 55
Zach Grady of Texas’ 14th District, U.S. House of Representatives is running for Ron Paul’s seat as a Libertarian. 53
Occupy Wall St Movement Under Attack by the New World Order! 53
What Is Wrong with Secret Societies 52
alanche buries 100 soldiers at Siachen, dead bodies being retrieved
Could 2012 NLE Cyber Attack DRILL be the Next 911 False Flag, Will This Years Drill Go Live? 51
Truth about Austerity Measures and Bailouts It’s Just Money for The Illuminati Family’s! 51
Platform 51
Absolutely Amazing Video Navy jet crashes into Virginia Beach apartment building 51
Political Activism Anti Illuminati NWO foot soldiers loyal to the cause, the true believers 51
14,000 U.S. Dead in 14 Weeks After Fukushima Meltdown 50
The Lowdown on hydrofracking and what you need to know! 49
Wall of Fame 49
Massive Fish and Animal deaths around the globe WHY? GeoEngineering to Solve Global Warming!. 48
The Ron Paul 2012 of Rochester, N.Y., Meetup Group: Control Freaks Gone Wild! 47
How Will America Create War with Iran? A Scenario 47
Does U.S. put DU (Depleted Uranium) rounds in machine-guns on Great Lakes coast guard vessels? 46
Confirmed: Obama’s Birth Certificate Not Authentic 2012 46
The Great Cancer Cover up! 45
TSA Checkpoint Watch 44
Best veggies in town Best price in Rochester today for a 2012 CSA Share! 42
I have also created a legal strategy to sue the Brazilian Government for supposed crime against the environment ( chemtrails ) and I believe that my strategy can be adapted to the American laws, even though I do not know them. 42
Why Vaccinations Harm Children: Health Experts Sound Off 41
All About Sovereign Silver The Good The Bad The Ugly! 41
New Hunting knife, Survival knife, Camping knife, gift knife with LED light 40
STATEHOOD: The Territorial Imperative 40
The man who planned 9/11, his name is Mike Harari (now 82 or 83 years old) who is a retired counterintelligence specialist and former Deputy Chief of the Mossad But I can assure you that this was done by the Freemasons.” 38
Large Hadron Supercollider The Hunt For Existence Of The Higgs Boson/God! 38
Courtroom Observation Network 37
Why Sustainable Development, Thinking GREEN, Agenda 21 And Earth Day Are A Bad Idea! 36
NWO Illuminati Members 35
All About Orbs The Good The Bad The Ugly! 35
Is Reverse Osmosis Treated Low Mineral Water Healthy and Safe to Drink? 35
Vaccinations linked to Cancer 35
#6 (deleted) 34
A Conversation with a Anarchistic 34
Anti New World Order Party and We Are Change Rochester Monthly Meetup for May 2012 34
Anti New World Order Party Bumper Sticker 33
Contact 32
Super Tuesday, March 6, 2012. Live Broadcast with News and Information 31
Buzzwords Used Imprecisely and Drummed into You to Confuse, Scare and Enslave You 30
Is Ron Paul Still In The Game? It’s Not Over Till The Fat Lady Sings! 30
Government Geo-engineering and Weather Modification Chem trails or Aerosol, Radiation Part 1 30
Anti New World Order Party News 01/02/12 30
All About Agenda 21, The Good, The Bad. The Ugly! 29
#1804 (untitled) 29
Over 700 Protesters Arrested On Brooklyn Bridge … Claim Entrapment 29
Wall of Shame 28
Common Law Court Action – Roger Walker – 2012-01-24 Truth Juice Birmingham.wmv 28
Preparations For Civil Unrest Detention Camp Order Follows 27
2. ANWOP Updates↓ 27
Sponsors & Partners 26
Agenda 21International Internet Conference March 22 2012 26
Benjamin Fulford – The Ongoing Global Financial War Is Reaching Its Final Stages – 30 December 2011 26
America’s Dance Moms A National Disgrace 26
Two sides to the story on the Vatican and the Jesuits 26
Labor Ready and the Tescor Survey is a Joke! I will never use that Company again! 25
American Hero and Army Sergeant Who Gave Life To Save Afghan Child Being Flown Home For Burial 25
Luke Rudkowski LIVE at Bilderberg right now! 25
Do Not Give Up, Do Not Give In; Give back! 24
The spiritual side of the NWO Coin. 24
Nuclear demolition of skyscrapers. 23
Political Activism↓ 22
Adam Kokesh and Poker Face Came to Rochester NY 22
Campaigns 22
Tripoli Falls As NATO Loots Libyan Gold 22
This is the GOP dirty trick to stop Ron Paul! 21
Your DreamTrips Membership provides access to unlimited vacations per year to incredible destinations across the globe at unbelievable prices 21
Join the team, Volunteer and let your voice be heard! Blog Blog Blog (World Wide Web) 20
Studying the ACTUAL Roots of Modern Judaica… 20
All about Miss Holocaust 2012 the good the bad the ugly! 19
#1411 (untitled) 18
Tea Party Sets its Sites on Agenda 21International Internet Conference 18
Charlie Rangel Renews Call For Military Draft On Pearl Harbor Day 2011 18
Radio/TV Shows 17
“Hillarious” 17
Brave New World: the Movie 17
3. Our Links↓ 17
T-Shirts 17
Eugenics task force recommends $50000 for eugenics victims 17
#623 (deleted) 17
Man Made Apathetic Ignorant Zombie Cats don’t Judge Me! 16
Silent Weapons for a Quiet War 16
With Glen Beck You actually do get some truth from him albeit a watered down version with his truth comes the treachery like a dirty referee in a football game. He makes good calls all game until the score is tied and it’s 4th down and you have the ball on the goal line ready to score and he calls an offside penalty and moves you back or gives the other team the ball. 16
Mark Zuckerberg Publicly Farts on Your Privacy 15
John Best for President 2012 15
Government Drills 15
Free Homes For All, John Best for President 15
All About Bilderberg 2012, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly 15
What the timeline is for the shit to start hitting the fan in 2012 15
Your Next Flu Vaccine could be your last! Disguised bioweapon? All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order.” 15
Art 15
Secret History of Nursery Rhymes 15
The “Religious Right” Is Neither! 15
Democrats Against UN Agenda 21? 14
Peaceful Nuclear Explosions Treaty of 1976 WTC demolition scheme, which was required to obtain the original building permit in New York 14
Top Twitter News and info Anti New world Order Party ! 14
The History of the AntiNewWorldOrderParty.com and how it was started 13
Project for the New American Century 13
345 Ground Zero workers have died of cancer and other CANCER-STRICKEN Ground Zero workers have finally received a compensation checks – for zero dollars. 13
Movie Night: Innocents Betrayed 12
Radio Interview with Ex-Illuminata 12
Volunteer 12
CAPT. WM. MORGAN’S EPOSITION OF FREEMASONRY, Republished with the addition of engravings, showing the Lodge-room Signs, Grips and Masonic Emblems. 12
Health & Nutrition 12
Biggest Solar Storm in Years Is Bombarding Earth Now 12
Homeland Security to Hold Secret Meeting on Domestic “Extremist” Threats 11
Chem Trails or Aerosol Radiation Part 2 11
Networking Event, Open Mic 11
Cancer can be cured and prevented naturally and scientifically! 10
The Freedom of Assembly Extends to Secret Societies 10
#1854 (untitled) 10
With Which Is “Occupy” More “Preoccupied”: Freedom or “Consensus”? 10
Experts stumped by ancient Jerusalem markings. Da its for a Desk and Chair! 10
FOXNEWS.com Report: Bin Laden Already Dead 10
Why Rand Paul Refused a TSA Pat Down, Missed Flight to D.C. 10
The Order of the Mexican Jumping Bean: Before You Click “Play”… 10
Anti-War Quotations 10
#1835 (untitled) 9
Schools Are Co-Ed Prisons for Minors 9
How Much Do We Really Care About Our Readers? 9
0. What is the Precinct Strategy?→ 9
Sheriff Joe Arpaio Spoke With Andrew Breitbart 4-5 Hours Before He “Died.” 9
Do you want to know how to Become a Delegate? 9
AntiNewWorldOrde Party.com VS CampaignforLiberty.com 8
Worlds first Global Political Party and Wikipedia Censorship. 8
Higgs boson a fundamental building block of our universe FOUND! 8
Occupy’s Philosophical Backflip 8
The shocking truth of America’s secret, unaccountable, unlegislated death panels 8
New Facebook group: “Anti New World Order Party ☀ City of Rochester, N.Y.” 8
Nuclear warfare and a suggestion help Stop WWIII 8
October 27 2011 News 8
III. Are You Ready? 8
Joseph Moshe (MOSSAD Microbiologist): “Swine flu vaccine is bioweapon” 8
The Peaceful Nuclear Explosions Treaty 8
Law 8
White House Claims 4-Year-Old Bin Laden Video Is New Footage 7
Wake Up Project And The Awakening 7
NOT the Book of Revelation, Just How I See Things: 7
California Sheriffs Threaten Feds For Usurping The Constitution! 7
One Party Stands for freeing Everybody. 7
Oceania 7
Complete 2012 South Carolina Republican Presidential Debate CBS News 7
Life Is Good When You’re Fighting for Liberty 7
IV. County & State Central Committees 7
I stand 100% against Globalism I am running in a Constitutionalist/Protectionist platform. 7
Canada 7
Movie Reviews 7
The Time has come to take back Liberty! 7
Got Shortwave radio? 7
“Liberation through Education” Daniel J Leach Jr 6
Taste vs. Addiction 6
All about NWO Connections The Good The Bad The Ugly! 6
Anti New World Order Party News Today! 3/5/2012 6
Localist Manifesto? 6
Welcome to a brave new world: Genetic scientists create freakish man-made monster ants with huge heads and jaws 6
Music 6
You’ve Heard of CSA, but How About CSB? 6
Videos 6
AP Exclusive: Inside Romania’s secret CIA prison 6
Territories→ 6
Up to 20 US troops behind Kandahar bloodbath – Afghan probe! 6
Movie Night: Innocents Betrayed Live Broadcast Now! 6
Apocalypticism: Thoughts and Attitudes 6
Europe 5
Religion, Revolution ☩ Rochester, NY 5
Hidden Meanings? 5
Think Local, Think Family, Think Initiative…Think Spirit! 5
I. The Permanent Solution 5
Twilight Zone: USA Today Story About Ron Paul Leading In Iowa Headlined ‘Ron Paul Still Not in Lead’ 5
Today’s Head Line News 01/27/12 5
All About the Cancer Cure by Dr. Burzynski using Antineoplaston Therapy 5
The Fall of the house of Paul’s! Patriots Pick up the Flag of Liberty and March on! 5
News 10/28/11 5
Hillarious³ 5
Today’s News 01/25/12 – Updated 5
A Word on ‘Irishness’ 4
II. The Means By Which We Live 4
USS Liberty 4
This e-mail can help to save the lives of Millions! 4
Evidence for a Spiritual View of the “Alien” Phenomenon 4
Daniel’s Lawn and Garden 4
#1892 (untitled) 4
Zionism vs. Orthodoxy 4
UFOTV: Holes In Heaven? – HAARP and Advances In Tesla Technology 4
News 01/09/12 – Updated 4
Organic Law 4
Exorcist Obama 2012 4
NDAA Law is Struck down a Victory for Freedom and Liberty! 4
Iran can prove Bin Laden was dead long before US raid – Iranian minister BY 4
#1954 (untitled) 4
Get the Newest most popular Video Games Ever Today! 3
Get a database of Unincorporated Churches, Search for Unincorporated Churches World Wide! 3
Match made in Hell Oboney 2012 3
Magazine 3
Africa 3
Saint Patrick’s Battalion 3
BIRTHERGATE! New Sheriff Calls For Roundup Of Obama Records~Now, DOJ Will Attack THIS Sheriff.. 3
Latin America & Caribbean 3
Pay Your Carbon Taxes To Al Gore Or Space Aliens Will Attack 3
Occupy Your Health: Health Fair & Comunity Swap Meet 2
Executive Privilege Keeps ‘Fast and Furious’ Documents In the Dark by Obama! 2
You’re Not Cynical or Paranoid. You’re Awake. 2
Ministries info 2
News 29 Oct11 2
Books 2
Would you like Hepatitis B with that? 2
#1422 (deleted) 2
Astragalus, The Cancer Fighter 2
From Democracy to Dictatorship 2
#2001 (untitled) 1
A1 AAA Absolutely All About the Best / Greatest Video Games of All Time! 1
#48 (deleted) 1
#3 (deleted) 1
Gold, Guns and God! 1
David Icke talks with Luke Rudkowski at Occupy Wall Street 1
#2252 (untitled) 1
Will the REAL “Merchants of Death” please stand up? 1
Walls↓ 1
My Take on Interdenominational Wars and “Pious Socialism.” 1
A1 Absolute All About Orbs Face 1
#1653 (untitled) 1
Connecting Dots Without & Within 1
Run for Public Office with the Precinct Strategy→ 1
2011 in review 1
Arundhati Roy: ‘The people who created the crisis will not be the ones that come up with a solution’ | Arun Gupta

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