Our sponsors & partners

Our Sponsors & Partners

As a Sponsor or Partner of http://www.AntiNewWorldOrderParty.com/ you have the chance to support our events, activities, persons, or organization either financially or through the provision of products and/or services. A sponsor is an individual or group that provides the support, similar to a benefactor. The Anti New World Order Party is Patriot-Supported, not funded (read controlled) by the government’s 5o(c)3 tax-exempt status!

Criteria for our Partners and Sponsors: for a mere $19.84 per year, your logo is placed with your business link on our Sponsors’ Page as well as on our main website. When we look at the growing number of visitors, this is clearly a patriotic, honorable investment for your business. This is your chance to put your money where your heart is.

A Sponsorship[1] with us is a cash and/or in-kind trade barter fee paid to the http://AntiNewWorldOrderPartys.com/ cause in return for access to the accessible commercial potential associated with http://AntiNewWorldOrderParty.com/.

Sponsorship with http://AntiNewWorldOrderParty.com/ can deliver increased awareness, brand-building and propensity to purchase; it is different than plain old advertising. Unlike advertising, sponsorship cannot communicate specific product attributes. Nor can it stand alone. Sponsors do not control the message that is communicated. Consumers decide what a sponsorship means.

Just $19.84 per Year

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Spearheading the Sovereign Movement Since 2009


The longest running radio show exposing the New World Order & the Banksters. Clay Douglas is the host of the Free American Hour, the publisher of the Free American Magazine for 20 years. His website is http://freeamerican.com/




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