3. Our mission

– The mission of the Anti-Illuminati Party, should God deign to avail us, is to defend and promote real “Liberty and Justice for all,” formed by the wisdom contained in the United States Constitution, particularly its Bill of Rights, and inspired by the U. S. way of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
– Our strategy for promoting these consists in grassroots educational and political campaigns.
– Crucially, we of the Anti-Illuminati Party reject any unthinkingly trendy denial or politically expedient downplaying of the well-established fact that the N.W.O. Globalists, or “Illuminati,” do in fact occupy key offices and abuse their clout to promote the goals of their élitist cabal.
– Because of their powerful members they can, and in fact do, silence and manipulate the American People.
– To indict, counter, undermine, block and expose these tactics of theirs constitutes our mission, and our lifeblood.

– If sound government is to be restored, all the New World Order Globalists must have all their cheaply-bought authority pulled: “We must remove the weeds from public office: they are choking Freedom and the Tree of Liberty” (Daniel J Leach, Jr.).
– The Anti-Illuminati Party identifies the N.W.O. as “an élitist association that exploits the commoner and violates the United States Republic’s first principles.”
– We deem it imperative that every United Statesman must organize to indict, counter, undermine, block and expose these High Traitors.
– We the members of the Anti-Illuminati Party resolve to support no N.W.O. globalist or Illuminist/Illuminatus in any way or sense.
– Under the “Anti-Illuminati Party” banner we aim to unite those who are too often disenfranchised by the current political climate.

– We of the Anti-Illuminati Party are dedicated to revitalizing our communities by speaking Truth, Hope, Goodwill, Unity and Peace.
– We shall work tirelessly to cultivate “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” wherever and whenever we can.
– To best find and implement solutions to this end, we place a high value on Party-wide collaboration.
– We shall operate lawfully and respectfully in all matters at all times.
– We shall not profit from our endeavors.
– We believe in “Liberty and Justice for all.”
– With the help of God—that is of supreme Love, Light, Spirit and Truth—we shall not waver in this mission to collaborate with all citizens toward the construction of a better community.

Signed this 4th day of July, 2010

Daniel J. Leach,
Founding Member

John P. McGuire,
Founding Member

Matt Love,
Founding Member

Founding Member
Founding Member

Subsets of the Anti-Illuminati Party:

AntiNewWorldOrde Party.com VS CampaignforLiberty.com

by Antinewworldorderparty Patriots on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 at 9:08pm

I wrote this to show the history of myself and others efforts to work with the http://CampaignForLiberty.com organization.  After this letter was sent I and others were kicked out of our local Campaignforliberty.com meetup.com group.  Thats when I decieded to organize http://AntiNewWorldOrderParty.com  Its just a simple fact of misunderstanding and not worth fighting over!  I would rather spend my time and effort in a positive direction building on a more positive note!  That is what motivated the start of the http://AntiNewWorldOrderParty.com foundation and organization can be found in this letter and response to myself and others in the Rochester New York area!  This is not a Anti Ron Paul organization its a Pro-Freedom and Liberty minded group founded on Christian Principles of love for Truth, Justice,  Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Daniel J Leach Jr





Thanks for reaching out to me.  Its a good idea for us to talk.  First, we have to be clear about Campaign for Liberty.  It is a trademarked brand that is owned not by me or anyone else in NY, but by the national Campaign for Liberty 501c4 organization.  That is why there can not be a website called www.campaignforlibertyny.com, until there is an official separate NY state organization.  There were others who have had similar sites like nycampaignforliberty.com, but they gladly gave it to Debbie Hopper of the CFL because they understood the trademark concerns and potential misrepresentation of the brand.

Second Mike Deming was appointed by me as a Rochester/Monroe County Coordinator because of his commitments to the mission of the Campaign for Liberty which is:

Our mission is to promote and defend the great American principles of individual liberty, constitutional government, sound money, free markets, and a noninterventionist foreign policy, by means of educational and political activity.

He understands what is necessary to be politically active, train volunteers to canvass, go door to door, and become committeemen in their local parties to restore the voice of the people in choosing liberty candidates.  He also understands that it is important to separate other issues, like 9/11 truth, NWO, and other hot topics from the CFL.  It is fine for members to be part of other groups that share these concerns, but that the CFL is not about these issues, but to the strict adherence to the Constitution, Austrian economics, transparency of the Fed, and non-interventionalists.  Also local groups should not create their own organizations and bylaws under the Campaign for Liberty name, which may run counter to that of the nationwide movement.  Outside of sticking to issues of liberty and the Constitution, the CFL is a bottoms up organization when it comes to what local and state issues (legislation) and direction you want to go for.  What the CFL provides are fundraising mechanisms as a 501c4, website tools, committeemen training, communications, etc.

With all that said, I am happy to talk to you and understand your position in more detail, the issues, and what you are trying to achieve locally so we can work something out.  I have a debate tomorrow and CCPAC on Sunday.  You can try calling me late Saturday night, say 9PM at 518-330-8403.

For freedom,

Steven Vasquez

Interim NY State Coordinator

Campaign for Liberty



From: Daniel Leach <info></info>

To: stevenvasquez@yahoo.com

Sent: Fri, January 29, 2010 7:00:38 PM

Subject: A message from Daniel Leach, a member of Rochester Campaign for Liberty

The following message was sent to you by a member of Saratoga

Campaign for Liberty Ron Paul Meetup.

* It was sent to you by: Daniel Leach (User ID: user 8317627)

* Daniel Leach requested a response. To respond simply reply to

this email. (Note that when you reply, Daniel Leach will have

your email address.)

What Daniel Leach wrote:


Hi Steve,

I am Daniel Leach one of the founding members of

http://Campaignforlibertyny.com We are a campaign for liberty

group with over 30 plus people in our group.  We have been

meeting now for two years. We started as a Ron Paul group

meeting once a week at local restaurants in the city of

Rochester.  We are also holding events as campaign for liberty

Rochester.  We are having problems with Mike Deming trying to

control our group and take away our web site that we have for

our group and telling us that you said we can’t use that name

and can’t be campaign for liberty Rochester.  Mike Deming has

only been apart of our group for a short time and has tried to

take over the group and kick out people that he doesn’t like.

Mike Deming quit the group as a member and started his own

campaign for liberty meeting with the MeetUp: Ron Paul group

that’s now a MeetUp Group: Campaign for liberty Monroe county.

We as a group have decided to go forward as a group remaining as Campaign for Liberty Rochester as a separate group from Mike Deming’s group.  Our experience is that Mike Deming is not being a team player and is trying to be more of a dictator of the people in our group.  We have bi laws and rules for the group that Mike will not comply with the groups efforts.  Without anyone’s knowledge or approval Mike simply registered himself as Monroe County chairman on your web site and then assumed authority over and credit for the group’s activities.

Our group is committed to working with populist principles

where all are respected equally. Mike Deming is more or an

authoritarian personality. If you need other people in Campaign

for liberty Rochester to learn more of the story I will have

them Email you as well to let you know what’s going on with

Mike Deming.

Steve I have asked you about getting a link for our group on

the national site before and am asking on behalf of the group

as a whole.  To some degree our local, populist spirit is why

we didn’t reach out for more association with state/national

C4L association. We would like to correct this oversight that

is partly the cause of this confusion, and work more in

coordination with the state/national organization.

I’m sure you would prefer a functional group effort that is

growing rather then a one man show.  We look forward to

hearing from you to clear this discrepancy and to move forward

in liberty.  Daniel Leach


* If you’d like to see the Meetup profile for Daniel Leach,



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