III. Are You Ready?

Precinct Strategy III – Are You Ready

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Are You Ready to take Tangible and Effective ACTION?

Americans… are you Tired of Ranting, Protesting, andLetter Writing? Are you tired of voting for the lesser of two evils?

United Precincts of America is a nonpartisan organization with a focus on the U.S. Constitution… for the expressed and sole purpose of encouraging, educating, and uniting Citizens; and demonstrate how to take part in the political process within their own precinct by locating and electing their Precinct Representative. If you want to change policy, you must change the people that make policy. Policy begins with the people actively engaged in their own precinct. Not in some other precinct… your precinct.

It is time for Americans to put their country above themselves, above their personal ideology, and… above corporate profits. If your ideology does not agree with the U.S Constitution… the established and supreme rule of law… then your ideology is divisive. That includes Americans on both the left and the right. As for corporations… a major part of the precinct strategy is the revitalization of Corporate America. To those of you participating in the Occupy Wall Street protest… you are riding the wrong train… your approach is wrong as much as the Tea Party approach was wrong… nothing substantial can result from protesting… the key word being “substantial”. Which do you prefer… carrots or real change? Your struggle is not with corporate America and it’s not with government… we can fix all those things! The struggle is within. The struggle is the lack of knowledge of what it means to be American. The struggle is an unwillingness to do it the correct way. These struggles are nothing new. All of these same protests have happened over the last 100 years and every time… the American people have settled for carrots… why? Because the knowledge of how to manage your country through the precinct process was lost… but no more!

Americans must stop focusing on the problems, and focus on resolving the problem. Americans spend so much time focused on the problems; blogging the problems; talking the problems; Facebooking the problems; there is no time or room in their life to focus on the solution. Americans must focus on the solution. We must begin the process of fixing the problems and stop the nonsense of protesting. The majority of Americans are either doing the wrong thing or… doing nothing at all. I apologize to those of you that feel offended, but it’s the truth. If the American people refuse to get engaged in the political process within their own precincts, they deserve what they get. The Precinct Strategy is the only permanent fix. Yes, to date, you have received some carrots, but nothing has changed. Yes, the American people have changed the face of the U.S. House of Representatives, but nothing essential has changed.

Real and substantial change will only come once the American people wake up and get engaged in their own precincts and change the people that make policy. Policy is made by people and the people making current policy are the leaders of our two party systems.

We have allowed our political parties and politicians to usurp for themselves the reins of government.

Listen to what George Washington said about political parties:

However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion”.

We are faced with a Government that is bloated and with increasing speed our freedoms are being dismantled in the name of social justice. For the previous 100 years, our political process has been like a teeter-totter… and every time we teeter, we totter closer and closer to socialism. I do realize that there are those that believe big Government is a good idea. More and more, many individuals through lack of knowledge or an act of their will, are willing to forfeit Individual Freedom for the security of a Nanny State. To some this seems rather appealing. To anyone reading this while still proclaiming Socialism as your ideology, I would ask you to please look into history. The definition of insanity is doing that which has failed over and over while at the same time expecting a different result! If you are like me, with a belief and trust in the Constitution of the United States and the freedoms afforded under that document, then it is time for you to become fully engaged in your precinct.

We are engaged in political war! There are individuals resolutely engaged at transforming our nation into what will not be identifiable in a very short period of time. And… at the same time, we ignore the only tangible solution. We are out of time and we must act with a sense of urgency and patriotism and begin the process of rebuilding the American Precincts.

Progressives preach social justice but what does this Social Justice mean? Contrary to the belief of those supporting this so-called “Social Justice”, where all people will be lifted to the standards of everyone else is not true. The notion sold by these progressives is that all people will be lifted to equality. They call this Social Justice! You can call it what ever pleasant sounding term you would like, but it will not change the color… you can change the name of any color but it does not change the color! Progressivism is what it is… Socialism. If you are an individual supporting the Progressive/Socialist agenda, please stop for a moment to reflect on the facts… Socialism will not cause a people to prosper. Look at Europe. What makes you think it would succeed in America?

If you’re angry with corporations, get in the game. The destruction of our free market system is not the answer. The Precinct Strategy will not only end government corruption but will also effect the way corporations conduct their business and substantially reduce corruption with the introduction of accountability. The American people using our free market system have the resources and ability to beat the corporations at their own game. And… the strategies are not socialistic… not even close… They are free market strategies. But first, Americans must complete the reconstruction of the American Precinct.

We all see the problems and we all realize that changes have to be made… we also must recognize that the foundation of our country is based on the rule-of-law. We must return to the rule-of-law and recognize the fact that the U.S. Constitution is the supreme rule-of-law.

For over 100 years we’ve been sliding backwards… Why? Why is that? How in the heck did we get here?

We arrived here because the American people are disengaged with the political process. The answer is… “People”. The people that have been elected to determine local, state, and national policy… spend our money… make our laws… and make decisions that effect each and everyone of us. If you want to change policy, it must begin with you in your local precinct by placing principled Americans in positions of power.

How do we fix it? We change the people!

What are people? People are policy!

Where does policy begin? In your precinct!

We must collectively find people that will uphold our constitution and then elect them into positions where they can change policy and… create or abolish laws that will reestablish America and return America to her foundational roots.

So… you want to vote the good guys in and all is well… right?

This is where it gets tricky folks… because… 95% of the time we are not given the opportunity to vote for the good guy. We only get to vote for the one that the party has given us. And… once elected, we are in no position to hold their feet to the fire. I don’t know if you have noticed but our elected representatives have legislated whatever they want.

The truth is this… our representative government is a “Reflection” of “WE THE PEOPLE! And… “We the People” have abdicated our right to self-governance and we have refused to act responsibly! All the corruption “is” a reflection of “WE THE PEOPLE… it is a reflection of our reluctance to be actively engaged in our precincts… and I’m not talking about placing campaign yard signs for your favorite candidate.

Our constitution begins with these words, “We the People, of the United States of America”. “We the People” created this government, it is ours, and…it’s time we begin to act like we own it. That does not mean “WE THE PEOPLE” through MOB RULE.

We have become detached from government, in large part, because it has not been a part of school curriculum for many, many years. Your voice in this two party system is your Precinct Representative but, the majority of them are either vacant, or the Precinct Representative is acting on behalf of the party and not “We the People”. In essence, the American People have no voice in government! The tragic result of this is unchecked and corrupt power in both political parties… and government.

Due to our lack of self-governance, the party leaders… and they alone, have had the luxury of choosing for you, the candidates placed on the ballot. So as you can see, until we get the American people reengaged in their own government and get them physically engaged in their precincts, we will have more of the same. These politicians are not beholden to the American people. They are indebted to their respective party and the Precinct Representative. Why is the Precinct Representative so powerful? Because, the collective of all Precinct Representatives in a county “is” the Central Committee and the Central Committee will nominate and elect a County Chairmen. That County Chairman will reflect the moral compass and principles of that Central Committee and the candidates will reflect the same.

So to make a long story short, our system is broken. The connection between the American people and their government has been broken. It is our civic duty and our obligation to fix it. If we do not, who will?

How do we fix it? GET ENGAGED!

Get engaged and connect with your neighbors. Stop engaging in useless activities. Talk to people… talk to every person that will listen. Join United Precincts of America and encourage everyone you have a conversation with to get engaged. Explain to them the office of the Precinct Representative. If you feel that you are unable to teach them, encourage them to read the information on this web site. If past experience tells us anything… we should not consider the political party choice of candidates any longer! Their selection of candidates have established the laws and policies we presently live under. This is our country and it’s time for the average, everyday, concerned American Citizen to get involved and make their own choice.

By electing your Precinct Representatives in every precinct and your State Committeeman/Committeewoman in every State Senatorial district across America, we elect our representatives to the central committees of the parties. By doing so, we gain a voice in the nomination and election process of every County & State Central Committee. If the common sense people of this country elect County Chairmen and State Central Committee Chairmen/Chairwomen that will protect and uphold our constitution, we will gain two things.

1. Superior candidates… candidates that will take seriously, their oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States.
2. A position of power to hold the candidates accountable.

This is how you achieve real change.

There were approximately 1.7 million people that marched on Washington DC on 9-12-09. To fill every precinct position in both parties in America, we only need approximately 350,000 people. There are many Americans willing to get engaged if they knew they could really make a difference. I challenge each and every one of you to find just four individuals this month… in your own precinct and encourage them to get involved and join United Precincts of America. Then next month find four more and have those people find four, and so on. Don’t go outside your precinct. Do this inside your own precinct. If every member of United Precincts of America would do this one thing we would be there in no time. Believe me… the time for sitting on the sidelines and not participating is long past. This strategy is CRITICAL. It is the only viable solution… it is the only solution. We must pull together as Americans!

Only you can fix America’s political system by entering the political arena… only you can fix corporate America by entering the arena of corporate America.

Please… show your support by joining United Precincts of America.

And remember… be of value… stay engaged… accomplish the mission!

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