Mission Statement

Our mission is to defend and promote the Bible, Christian principles and the Christian way of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” by the way of grassroots educational campaigns and political activity. The International Christian Party singularly does not deny that the global elite Communist globalists control key offices and use their official authority to promote the goals of their brotherhood. Because they control key faculties they are capable of, and in fact do, obstruct justice from the Worlds People.

If good government is to be restored all the global elite Communist Globalists must be expunged: “We must remove the weeds from public office, they are choking freedom and the Tree of Liberty” (Daniel J Leach Jr).The International Christian Party regards the global elite Communists of the N.W.O. as an exclusive organization that takes advantage of common folk and violates Christian principles. We deem that true Christians must organize to defeat these flaming traitors. We the citizens of the International Christian Party resolve to support no global elite N.W.O. globalist for public office. Under the “International Christian Party” banner we mean to unite those who are discontented due to being disenfranchised and disenchanted with today’s political climate.

 We of the International Christian Party are dedicated to improving our community by creating an environment of real hope and unity. We shall work tirelessly to till the soil of our communities for a better harvest of life, liberty and happiness. We emphasize the importance of working together as a party to find and implement solutions. We shall operate lawfully and respectfully in all matters at all times. We believe in Truth, Liberty and Justice for all. We shall not waver in the conviction to create a better World for all People.

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