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  1. Those personality tests are designed my evil to recognize the differance between righteous and unrighteous. 1 john 5:19 the whold world is lying in the power of the wicked one. So by our Natural god given traits makes us Targets for the world which is in satans control for now. The world loves whats is its own but if you are TRUE natural imitators of the Lord Jesus Christ we will be hated my the world because of his name. Let us rejoice in knowing this because if it brings us to anger or rage, those are not traits of the lord and satan is yet agian influencing us. we must control our minds take them back from all of satans influences. Our Bible is the answer, cannot trust the words of men, as in pastors and priests yes some are genuine and treat them all the same, but only trust the words of our Lord who, says homosexuality is detesable. Be cautious is your church preaches tolerance. SHUN what is bad what we know to be Bad because the word tells us. Dont worship the Virgin mary, all the worship belongs to out LORD he is a Jealous god. Dont pray to images or idols statues ect. Hollywood disney these are the works of satan, i saw a little on this site you are aware of the illuminate and so they are influencing everything but we are to preach the gospel of our lord only. Notice all the differant versions of the bible they have been altered words taken out words changed, expecially dont trust any religion that encourges ppl to use a specific version the the JWS 😦 this is very sad and true whats being done to all of earth ALL OF EArth batteling the same DEVIL. but LEts not be scard or Angry for those are not any trait that the lord has. we can with the help of His word Push out all of satans influences, i hope you all can agree smoking is a filthy habit, satan has this world so twisted that ppl believe its “cool to smoke,” “hard working ppl smoke” its the work of satan that makes people go and pay money to intake something that they KNOW is killing them. Lets pray for our enemies, Let us pray for those who are addicted to drugs, they see and feel the travisties that are taking place on earth but are looking to excape from reality by means of alcohol &/or drugs. By building a ReAL Fear of the Lord, and then our love for him will Grow and the holyspirt which is God will too be in your hearts and allow to to see the world. Let us reprove the wrong doing we see. like the gossip. But lets lean on the bible as our hope we cannot stop the tribulation which is to come. things are advancing from bad to worse indeed its prophecy being fufilled. Gods WiLL will be done what we must do to stand up for ourselves is to study The word & listen and do what we read out of the pages of the bible. Its our only hope God will Fix things we must help ppl reconcile their relationship to god cause we are living in the last day. The purest form of the bible i have found as of today is the KJV 1611. May god be with you.
    a follower of Jesus christ Tasha Melody Mathis

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