Rapid Response Team Training


May I just say personally and from responses and comments; Thank you for bringing not only a meaningful teaching but even more so the inspiration to serve and love our “neighbor” given to all from the heart of a pastor. The topics on the agenda were covered well but of additional significance was the opening of eyes to SEE and the desire in hearts to RESPOND which will have untold application. Thanks for “sharing hope”!
–SHIC Participant, Franklin TN

“I felt the compassion and grace that we learned could be put to good use in most any ministry. The SHIC course had numerous tips to gracefully help those
that were hurting and we have hurting people all around us.”
–Melbourne, FL SHIC Participant

“I felt the conference was very beneficial, the material was useful not only for occasional crisis situations which attract the attention of the national or even international community but also for daily crisis situations which people are experiencing daily.”
–Melbourne, FL SHIC Participant

“This may have been the best training for the local church I’ve witnessed. It was inspirational, educational and motivational. Compassion ministry is a critical pathway for the church today.”
–Pastor attending a New York SHIC seminar

At the undergraduate level, this is the best integration I’ve seen of Biblical principles and approach with crisis intervention.
–Regent University Psychology Professor

Sharing Hope in Crisis not only equipped us for local ministry, but opened up an avenue of ministry for our people to respond nationally with BGEA.
–Cincinnati Care Pastor

The Sharing Hope in Crisis training helped us think through some short term missions concerns and now we are excited about sending our people with BG Rapid Response Team as part of our missions ministry
–San Diego pastor

This is the first time I’ve seen a strong Biblical approach to the Crisis Intervention training that I’ve had over the years. It’s great to bridge the two together!
–Haitian Pastor

Two trained RRT Chaplains are members of the church I pastor. They have been using and sharing their training in the church’s compassion ministry and we’ve seen the hurting find hope in a relationship with Jesus. What an encouragement their training has been to our church family!
–Pastor, Grass Lake, MI

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