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“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together

is progress.

Working together

is success.”


The mission of the Anti-Illuminati Party, should God deign to avail us, is to defend and promote real “Liberty and Justice for all,” formed by the wisdom contained in the United States Constitution, particularly its Bill of Rights, and inspired by the U. S. way of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
– Our strategy for promoting these consists in grassroots educational and political campaigns.
– Crucially, we of the Anti-Illuminati Party reject any unthinkingly trendy denial or politically expedient downplaying of the well-established fact that the N.W.O. Globalists, or “Illuminati,” do in fact occupy key offices and abuse their clout to promote the goals of their élitist cabal.
– Because of their powerful members they can, and in fact do, silence and manipulate the American People.
– To indict, counter, undermine, block and expose these tactics of theirs constitutes our mission, and our lifeblood.

– If sound government is to be restored, all the New World Order Globalists must have all their cheaply-bought authority pulled: “We must remove the weeds from public office: they are choking Freedom and the Tree of Liberty” (Daniel J Leach, Jr.).
– The Anti-Illuminati Party identifies the N.W.O. as “an élitist association that exploits the commoner and violates the United States Republic’s first principles.”
– We deem it imperative that every United Statesman must organize to indict, counter, undermine, block and expose these High Traitors.
– We the members of the Anti-Illuminati Party resolve to support no N.W.O. globalist or Illuminist/Illuminatus in any way or sense.
– Under the “Anti-Illuminati Party” banner we aim to unite those who are too often disenfranchised by the current political climate.

– We of the Anti-Illuminati Party are dedicated to revitalizing our communities by speaking Truth, Hope, Goodwill, Unity and Peace.
– We shall work tirelessly to cultivate “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” wherever and whenever we can.
– To best find and implement solutions to this end, we place a high value on Party-wide collaboration.
– We shall operate lawfully and respectfully in all matters at all times.
– We shall not profit from our endeavors.
– We believe in “Liberty and Justice for all.”
– With the help of God—that is of supreme Love, Light, Spirit and Truth—we shall not waver in this mission to collaborate with all citizens toward the construction of a better community.

Signed this 4th day of July, 2010

Daniel J. Leach,
Founding Member

John P. McGuire,
Founding Member

Matt Love,
Founding Member
Mike LaRocca
Founding Member

Joseph Farrara
Founding Member

WE THE PEOPLE of the Anti New World Order Party, in solidarity with the AntiCommunismParty.com, InternationalChristianParty.com, AntiIlluminatiParty.com, JesusChristParty.com want our leaders to be our servants and not the other way around. We see it as pointless to carry on denying that a powerful Elite bloodline of the secret society’s that calls itself the “New World Order” is, by all the evidence, attempting to rule our country in defiance of the United States Constitution (which all public servants are sworn to uphold), the Bill of Rights (i.e. the first ten amendments to the Constitution), the Republic’s first principles, the common good, common law, natural law, divine law and common sense, all of which it is government’s only role to champion…or if it cannot for whatever reason to move over and let the people do it. We do not endorse the Tea Party or the Occupy Movement because they has become (predictably perhaps) an Illuminati Shadow Government shill. We are however disgusted with the labeling of “racist” those who advocate for the plain and manifest decency of territorial continence. True United States Americans are neighbors not enemies. The people can never be the enemy, only the government. We have had it with the absurd infighting, with the élite-created right-left paradigm deliberately engineered to divide and conquer us the people.
The term New World Order (abbreviated N.W.O.) refers to the emerging bureaucratic collectivist one-world government that serves the interests of a minority élite cabal rather than those of the common man, woman and child who has neutral or even negative value to their imperialist view. The N.W.O. is a wealthy, stealthy, amoral and dangerous élite with a globalist agenda that schemes at all cost to govern all earthlings with an autocratic system to abrogate the function of sovereign nation-states and dissolve the United States of America. Significant events in the worlds of politics and finance are orchestrated by an extremely influential think-tank utilizing certain front organizations which, though their usefulness tends to elude decent persons, are legitimized through heavy use of “weapons of mass-distraction” like propagandistic buzzwords, numerous forms of browbeating and any number of Machiavellian stunts. The success or failure of their agenda rests heavily upon confusion and corruption of the people which is today at an unprecedented index. They rely on sell-outs and false heroes from among the people: without these they have nothing to use to toy with us in their accustomed manner.
INASMUCH AS a “shadow-history” which may be researched by using certain key search words and symbols (such as those linked in green and repeated in list form below) would readily demonstrate steps in this plot-in-progress to achieve world domination via recluse sessions hosting key officials, meetings which meet and exceed the parameters for high treason in the United States Constitution. As just one example the New World Order’s international bankers (who are its chiefs) deliberated to erect the United States’ current privatized Federal Reserve System in 1913, and eight years later in 1921 formed the Council on Foreign Relations (C.F.R.) to serve as a shadow government to guide and eventually replace the United States Republic. (Other associated institutions include the International Monetary Fund [I.M.F.], the United Nations [U.N.], the Bilderberg Group [members are “Bilderbergers”], the Club of Rome, the Bohemian Club [who meet at the Bohemian Grove in Northern California for hedonism and mock human sacrifice], Yale University’s Skull and Bones Society, Freemasonry/Illuminati/Knights Templar/Khazars.) The N.W.O. is employed by this secretive élite body for the dismantling of all national sovereignties.
THEREFORE it is our intention to restore the United States of America to her founding documents (starting with the United States Constitution with its Bill of Rights) and to declare “null and void” all laws and treaties that are so grievously unconstitutional (such as the Federal Reserve Act). We starkly proclaim that not only leaders here stateside but N.W.O. accomplices and accessories abroad oppose every conceivable notion of good citizenship.
The true patriot knows that whenever anyone’s rights are
violated, everyone’s rights are endangered. Such a one fiercely resists
all attempts to edit the Constitution in a way that undermines the
rights and freedoms of others. He does all that is possible to ensure
that the Constitution will never be amended or interpreted to endorse
any kind of discrimination.
(Paragraph adapted from Steve Davis’s “About Steve” section of his “Info” page.)
INASMUCH AS among the guiltiest are many if not the majority of our judges, bankers, politicians and C.E.O.s. Citizens of the Anti New Word Order Party know that this Establishment amounts to an élitist cabal that represents the very soul of corruption, perversion, ambition and greed. Moreover, we know that the lodges’ oaths bind their members to favor their “brethren” over “outsiders” in the markets, the courts and in every forum imaginable. In fact Freemasonry is what the Mafia system and ritual is based upon. (Does that figure or what?)
THEREFORE the Anti New World Order Party is committed to improving the lives of every citizen of these United States of America. Through principled advocacy, mass outreach and timely advisories we can effectively empower the common man anew. For example we regularly meet with legislators, attend hearings and support candidates who support a vision of the sovereignty of these United States. We have successfully advocated for several key improvements in our local communities so we can prepare as best we can for our children and their future families.
Our base is daily growing as citizens find their voice and a concordantly renewed morale. If you are a concerned United States citizen, you too are called upon to make a difference. Subscribe to our Facebook Page, and call this very minute to learn surprising ways in which your thoughts and skills can move liberty forward.
Call right now: (585) 236-9858

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