Wall of Fame

Jesus Christ

William Morgan (Anti-Masonic Party)

William COOPER

William Cooper

Alex Jones

Luke Rudkowski

Luke Rudkowski

William Rodriguez

Jason Bermas

Jason Bermas

G Edward Griffin

G Edward Griffin

Lindsey Williams

Jim Tucker

Jim Tucker

Jim Traficant

Jim Traficant

Roger Wood

Lives in Rochester, New York Born on June 2, 1973

Richard Gage

Richard Gage

Daniel Marvin

Andrew Breitbart

 But don’t forget this man. — with Eric John AranetaDave CoxBro Lv EpsilonaasrfmMonica Rodeen Scheel,Kecia DavisDarius Anderson and Dorothy Ann Moore.


Roxii Love
Patriot Activist Organizer


 “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”
— Friedrich Nietzsche

Howard Phillips addressing an early CPAC conference.

Howard Phillips, whose pro-life activism in the 1970s led to the formation of the modern Christian conservative movement, He helped create numerous pro-life and pro-family organizations, headed a major federal agency during the Nixon administration, and testified against two Republican Supreme Court nominees that he accurately predicted would favor abortion-on-demand.  It was in promoting moral values and founding pro-family groups that Howard would find his greatest success.  “All who love freedom under God’s laws are deeply in your debt,” Richard Viguerie wrote in a touching tribute. “Rest in Peace, my friend.” Media Research Center founder L. Brent Bozell III wrote, “Most conservatives wouldn’t be here but for men like Howard Phillips. They are his legacy.”  But his son Sam respectfully disagrees. “His children were his legacy,” he said.

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